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Platinum Keys Records, LLc., is a newly formed Limited Liability Company providing high-level expertise in the music and performance production industry.
Platinum Keys Records, LLc. is not interested in competing with the Warner Brothers and Columbia Records of the world. It has been created to fulfill the dreams and expectations of those talented people who desire to acquire a quality ‘finished product’ showcasing their talent, and to satisfy the demand for such entertainment performances, whether recorded or live, within the middle market of the music consumer industry. Platinum Keys Records, LLc. has been created to explore the opportunities available worldwide to further the dissemination and propagation of high-quality, professional musical renderings of known and unknown artists for the enjoyment of audiences throughout the world.


Platinum Keys Records, LLc. offers individual artists the opportunity for recorded performance (CDs, tapes), market distribution, digital satellite airplay, traditional airplay, and Internet marketing and exposure, and market return. Platinum Keys Records, LLc. offers consumers of the digital satellite market, the Internet e-commerce market, the live performance market and the recorded product market the opportunity to obtain high-quality, professionally performed, expertly produced, efficiently distributed music products of many genres including, but not limited to R&B, REGGAE, HOUSE, POP, HIP HOP, RAP, LATIN AND World Music sectors.

Platinum Keys Records, LLc. will offer its production, distribution, and performance projects through individual format plan to investors as a planned return-on-investment opportunity. Such projects ‘live’ as separate entities, but enjoy the umbrella security, strategic relationships, beneficial knowledge, and proficient talent provided by the holding company, Play It Loud Records, Inc.These projects ‘live’ as long as the project is viable and enduring.