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Khalil Hyppolite

Founder – Chairman of the Board – President – CEO

was Born in Cap Haitian, Haiti, his parents instilled the importance of a good education in him at an early age. He attended Notre Dame College and studied international Languages.In Port au Prince, he attended Academie des Beaux Arts where he studied and earned a diploma in Fine Arts and Music. n n Came to New York in 1980 in pursuit of a career in music. An BA in Business Administration in 1986 and relocated to New Jersey in 1988 where he completed training and licensing as a Real Estate Associate. And In 1990, he began his professional music career by accepting a studio manager position at the then little known studio, the Booga Basement. A group of three young, hungry artists called the Refugees where working out of that studio. Wyclef Jean, Lauren Hill and Prazwell, then known as The Refugees, were amazingly talented, yet raw. He became an integral part in the development of what grew to become the multi-platinum Fugees. He become their advisor in a music venture with Kool and the Gang. The relationship with Ronald ‘Kool’ Bell (aka Khalis Bayyam) grew and he was requested to assist as co-producer on the album “Baby I’m Back”, featuring James ‘JT’ Taylor as lead singer. n n In 2003, he established Play it loud Entertainment,LLC, an independent label, that included distribution and production, as well as marketing, promotions, and artist development. n n Play It Loud Entertainment was established along with Hyppolite Muzik Productions,LLC the publishing company. After several trips to Europe and Asia over the past 2 years, Mr. Hyppolite formed marketing teams in London, Germany, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Japan . These connections allowed for the release and sale of his first dance single, in association with Traxsource . Now Mr Hyppolite team up for the first time with his longtime friend Wyclef Jean and Sedeck Jean and were able to have one of his song that He co-produced in the next album title the Haitians experiences.

Jonathan Hyppolite

Producer – Vice-President

My purpose in life is to construct authentic pieces that will define the eternal truth of life and art. The teachings, the lessons and the challenges I have encountered never separated me from my goals or from the adventure that art permits. In college, every project and accomplishment, from festivals, radio shows, film and television, to being an adjunct and peer educator, pursued new innovative ideas to express myself within the realm of entertainment and education. For the past five years at Fairleigh Dickinson University, I have been the Jack-of-all-trades. I have absorbed the skillfulness of a DJ for a number of social and charity events, a producer for traditional and non-traditional festivals, such as fashion shows, open mic nights and galas and editor for avant-garde performances in New York City. In addition to a jam-packed full-time honors workload, a five yearlong internship at Farleigh Dickinson Universities’ radio station, WFDU 89.1FM, developed my skills as a radio persona. I have worked on press releases, collaborated with several disco jockeys on weekly shows and operated radio equipment for my own r&b/blues show, Johnny J’s Jivin’ Jukebox Jams.